Commercial Real Estate Services

Scott Cobb is a professional who specializes in assisting clients with buying, selling, leasing, or managing commercial properties. These properties can include office buildings, retail spaces, industrial facilities, warehouses, and more. Scott provides a range of services to his clients, including: 


1. Property Valuation: Scott helps clients determine the value of their property by conducting a thorough analysis of the property's location, size, condition, and other factors. This information can help clients set a fair price for their property when selling or leasing it.

2. Property Marketing: Scott helps clients market their property to potential buyers or tenants. Scott can create marketing materials, such as brochures and online listings, and use his network of contacts to promote the property to interested parties.

3. Property Search: Scott helps clients find properties that meet their specific needs and budget. Scott can conduct a search of available properties, provide tours of properties, and negotiate lease or purchase agreements on behalf of his clients.

4. Lease Negotiation: Scott can assist clients with negotiating lease agreements with landlords or tenants. He can help clients understand the terms of the lease, negotiate favorable terms, and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

5. Property Management: Scott also provides superior property management services to clients who own commercial properties. This can include collecting rent, handling maintenance and repairs, and managing tenant relationships.

Overall, Scott strives to provide a range of valuable services to his clients who are looking to buy, sell, lease, or manage commercial properties. By leveraging his expertise and industry knowledge, Scott helps his clients achieve their real estate goals and maximize their return on investments.